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Why Fare Fusion?

February 9, 2015

Very simply, it’s about bringing people together - literally. Taking people from two disparate places to a mutually agreed upon destination (fusing them together). Don’t get me wrong; I am all for social media and the good ole telephone conversation, but most people are kinesthetic learners which means they learn by doing. That means actually sitting face-to-face with others and experiencing the world.

The genesis for Fare Fusion came while I was watching "The Internship" and thinking about the question of what app I would make if I were asked to create one. Since apps are supposed to make life easier my mind immediately went to how to improve trip planning. Let’s face it, as exciting as the prospect of getting away is, the detail planning aspect can be a real pain. Take for example my friend Liz and I, she lives in Wisconsin and I in California. We want to get together for a ski weekend somewhere in the month of February. Hours are spent on the phone trying out different destinations for airfare on different dates and after the first three searches we can’t even remember what we’d already looked for.

It would be very easy to make excuses why we can’t make time for meeting up in person with each other, but as research has shown, the benefits outweigh the hassle: stronger relationships, greater trust, etc. In all honesty, I created this site to make planning trips with Liz easier, but nothing would please me more than to help others connect in the same way. Welcome to Fare Fusion.