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Baby Moon to Albuquerque for some well-deserved R&R! ‐ Part 1

February 27, 2015

For all you ladies out there who are having your first child, I highly recommend carving out time for a "baby moon" before the child arrives. Speaking from experience, it may be the last time in a couple of years that you get to spend time alone with your partner doing only what you want to do. The ideal time to go is your second trimester with weeks 18-24 being the most optimal for travel (you may still feel queasy until week 14 or 15 so best not to plan one too early).

I took a wonderful five-day, four-night baby moon to Albuquerque, New Mexico. You’re probably wondering why Albuquerque? Well, I’d never been there, the flights were reasonable, and I found an awesome B&B to stay at. In this post I’ll go over getting there, where to stay, and what to eat.

Albuquerque is actually the only hub airport in the state of New Mexico, making it the ideal destination for convenience. The city is quite spread out so you’ll want to reserve a rental car. Plus, Santa Fe is only an hour drive away and Taos is two hours. Depending on what you decide to do for activities, you may want to plan to stay overnight in each place if riding in cars for long periods of time is getting uncomfortable.

The Chocolate Turtle B&B was where we choose to stay. It’s a cozy house in a suburb called Corrales and they served the most amazing homemade breakfasts every morning. We were there in late-April so most of the time we ate out on the patio where you could watch the wildlife. Snacks and drinks were also available 24 hours a day at no charge (good for those middle of the night munchies!).

Speaking of food, I should definitely mention that this is the land of chili peppers. They are pretty much all hot peppers, despite whether they are red or green in color so if you’re prone to heartburn at this stage, be careful what you order. My favorite place was a local pizza joint called Village Pizza in downtown Corrales. They still make their dough and sauce from scratch and top their pizzas with only the freshest ingredients.

After the first day, I found that wasn’t all that prepared for the weather and needed to pick up some cooler maternity clothes before exploring. A great place for quality secondhand baby goods at very reasonable prices is Other Mothers, and there is one not far from Corrales. If there is room in your suitcase, you may even be enticed to purchase some cute outfits for the little one(s).

Check out my next post (Part 2) to learn about all the activities there are to choose from!