About Us

Photo of Jill Choi, Fare Fusion founder

FareFusion is an airfare search optimizer born out of want of a better search system. The founder and CEO, Jill Choi, is a travel aficionado whose friends and family are scattered across the US. An explorer by nature, when planning vacations, the goal was always to seek out new destinations that all parties could get to within a set budget. Trying to achieve this using traditional travel sites where only one traveller could be searched at a time took painstaking hours. There had to be a better way.

Determined to solve the problem, Jill taught herself how to write code and developed the website you see today.

We thank you for visiting our site and hope you have found it useful. If you have any comments or questions please send us a message at farefusion@gmail.com.

Happy Travels!

The Fare Fusion Team

*A special thanks to Hassan, Eric, Katie, Emily, and the Stack Overflow Community without whose help this site would not be possible.